About BIDKhome


It started with a Dutch etagere in 1990. René Barreveld knew he had stumbled upon something special for American buyers, and began importing the intricate scroll-work shelves. From there, a company blossomed.


Today, BIDKhome remains a family-run wholesale business. In 2014, René's sons Sebastian and Eric took the helm. They continue to hand-select unique, ever-changing designs from Europe, while also ushering in renewed energy and fresh perspectives.


In 2015, after 25 years in business, sister companies Barreveld International and DK Living merged into BIDKhome. This nominal change signaled a ground-up rebuilding of our technology, staff organization, show design, and logistics. Having laid this foundation, the goal of 2017 is the expansion of sales into and through new channels, specifically through reengaging a network of sales representatives and producing printed catalog.


For 2017, we continue our partnerships with European companies while developing new relationships. In our own sourcing we have bolstered our bread-and-butter collections, and renewed our focus on finding products with special attributes such as exclusivity, design pedigree, and production story.

BIDKhome offers both traditional and contemporary European products for home, garden, gift, and hospitality. Headquartered in Cold Spring, New York, with showrooms in Atlanta, Georgia, and Wellesley, Massachusetts, BIDKhome delights thousands of buyers with alluring design, continually updated inventory, and dedicated service.

Whether you’re a retailer, restaurant, or designer, we look forward to helping you to create beautiful spaces that inspire.

BIDKhome is a wholesale company, and sells to businesses only. However, individuals can shop with our retail partner, Florijn. Located in Wellesley, Massachusetts, and online, Florijn provides the latest European designs for everyday decor, seasonal accents, and entertaining.

In terms of product selection, BIDK continues to bring forward the edge of European homegoods and gift designs to the US market. We do this in two ways:

  • through our own exhaustive sourcing in 20-30 countries.
  • collaborations with established European brands.

Our goal is to keep the product selection fresh by biannulaly introducing 40-60% new products, or roughly 500-800 skus.

Our sourcing goal is to bring to market a broadly appealing transitional/light contemporary aesthetic with a European sensibility. Within that, we aim to present distinct collections/lines/brands of unique products with a high degree of saleable attributes at both the wholesale and retail level.



Rene Barreveld
Sebastian Barreveld
Eric Barreveld
Dawn Skowron