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It started with a Dutch étagère in 1990. René Barreveld knew he had stumbled upon something special for American buyers and began importing the intricate scroll-work shelves. From there, a company blossomed, joined later on by a contemporary offshoot, DK Home. Today, BIDKhome continues to hand-select unique, ever-changing designs from Europe, while also ushering in renewed energy and fresh perspectives. In 2015, the sister companies Barreveld International and DK Home merged to form BIDKhome, but continues in its same mission to provide both traditional and contemporary European products for the home, garden, gift and hospitality industries. We continue our partnerships with European companies while developing new ones. In our own sourcing from 25 countries, we have bolstered our bread-and-butter collections and renewed our focus on finding products with special attributes such as exclusivity, design pedigree, and production story.


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